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Domestic Hiring

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Mass / Bulk Hiring

DeLiveDe works dedicatedly and exclusively for the logistics sector and possesses the necessary skills, expertise, experience and exposure in meeting the requirements of bulk hiring for logistics centric companies. We have mobilisers in place where they involve in identifying the resource who are eligible and ready for employment.

Our bulk hiring team of professionals work closely and in tandem with the HR Managers of our clients in logistics sector in narrowing down on their requirements and go about meticulously in ideating, conceptualizing the bulk hiring process in the most transparent and cost-effective manner.

We are specialized in both Blue-Collar Workers hiring for the entry level job roles as well as White Collar Employees including freshers. This makes our clients to save enormous amount of time and effort in the selection process and on-boarding. During the bulk hiring process, we also extend our service in collecting the required credentials as per employer requirement. Our core strength lies in hiring the rural youths who are ready to migrate as per job location. We also facilitate for their accommodation during their transit and during employment by with the support from the employer.


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