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International IT Recruitment

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When you need to fill the resource gap of your in-house team with specific market or technology expertise, DeLiveDe IT Staffing solutions are exactly what you are looking for. The Individual Performer IT Staffing engagement model from DLD enables companies that already have local development and product support teams to quickly access and apply expert technical IT staff on a project basis. Clients can integrate talented global technical staff into discrete projects that are “time-boxed” and require specific market or technology expertise through this engagement model. IT staffing services comprise recruiting, retaining, and managing IT talent for clients, including large organizations with multiple locations and high-volume IT requirements and companies that need to augment their own staff flexibly. Whether you opt for an in-house placement or a remote team member, they will be managed directly by you and fully dedicated to your project for a chosen period.

Our International staffing process for recruitment generally involves the following steps.

1. Identify vacancy

2. Prepare job description and person specification

3. Recruiting

4. Managing the response


6. Arrange interviews

7. Conduct the interview

8. Decision making

9. Convey the decision

10. Performance Monitoring

11. Appointment action


Service Advantage

  • Identify vacancy

  • Recruiting

  • Decision making

  • Screening

  • Arrange interviews

  • Appointment action